Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Three in One

At least we have a plan now. Pick a hill to walk up for excercise and then find other good stuff to do around it. genius. Alternatively book loads of other stuff and then find a hill,it works both ways.

Lets start with a football match, followed by a concert,followed the next morning by a real hill.
Liverpool vs Boro

Off at midday to the Liverpool vs Boro match at Anfield. It was always going to involve some drinking.

Train to Liverpool, three beers before kick off and a taxi to the ground, pie and a coffee, excellent start to a fit and healthy weekend.

MATCH REPORT …...Boro outplayed Liverpool for much of the first half went in 2—1 down due to Torres being brilliant and Boro defending being really rubbish. Ended 3-2, Torres again brilliant and helped by more rubbish defending and Downing scoring a top goal at the end. Alialiadere (whatever) gets sent off for a girly slap.
Pie 3 out of 10.

Time for some walking, Anfield to Liverpool station with no map. Strange things are happening in Liverpool, lots of perfectly reasonable houses are now boarded up with no one living in them, in fact lots have No Gas and No Elec written on the doors too. All the pubs boarded up and possibly so weird that all the scallies have moved out too. Walked back to town in time for the 18.22 train direct to Manchester (having managed a swift pint and a pastie) Craigs idea of food is actually worse than mine. I suspect he has a pie mountain somewhere.

Ian Hunter –At the Lowrie Theatre Salford Quays

Truthfully, it’s a bit posh and out of the way really, so more beers, more taxis and a really good gig. I’ve seen Mr Hunter 3 times now and know quite a few of his more recent tunes. Great sound, and a very chilled out set finishing with an excellent version of ‘all the young dudes’. David an additional pal we met up with fell asleep during the gig and then declared it to have been a bit boring! Should have better dreams mate.

So after a few extra time beers in the Lime Bar and a taxi home, followed by more wine and ‘The Young Republic’. Its off to bed for a refreshing sleep before the big first day tomorrow. 1.30am GREAT!!!

Rivington Pike - Its in Lancashire near Bolton

Rivington Pike stands on Rivington Moor, near to Winter Hill, 363 m (1,191 ft) above sea level. That sounds quite high.

I’m already almost certain that we are going to spend much of the next 2 years lost in one way or another. I managed to take the wrong road and miss the bloody motorway...not an easy thing to do. Then Craig decided to head out of a no entry sign and eventually we pulled up in the wrong car park. Now the great thing about this hill is that there is a beacon on the top which you can see from just about anywhere in the Northwest of Endland so even for the numpty brigade getting to the top wasn’t going to be too tricky.

The bottom part of the hill has been left with debris of Lord Leverhulme's follies and such like which at least makes it an interesting hill to walk up...I suspect there won’t be many other hills where ‘oh look a Japanese garden’ will be said. (Except maybe in Japan).

With the various distractions the walk up the hill , wasn’t that strenuous and in less than an hour we arrived at the top, with groups of old ladies, joggers and children. Still a hills a hill.

Feeling pretty good and having spotted the Dr Who landscape to the left, we decided to continue upwards for another 45 minutes. This felt better, real moorland, bogs and streams and ravines and a biting wind at our backs. We made it across the marshland traps to the big arial thing. No further details were available and we were put off by the likehood of falling debris and a small blue rope.

So with wet feet, not me I wore good boots, and the promise of a café at the bottom of the hill we headed back down. Except the first bit was up and straight into the wind. I’m sure my granded would have described this as bracing and good for me. It felt cold and wet. Good news though I found the glove of child. This is the second item of clothing in as many weeks

Back in the wooded area the wind dropped and we picked our way carefully back down the steeper hillside. Except for the falling over. There was some bizarre conversation with a bloke in the cafe who purported to be rugby league man of steel or something, still we gave him the slip and went into training for more severe mountains - bought Kendal mint cake
Veg Soup at the café 5 out of ten.

And a few more pics


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