Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Hold Steady we may have a problem

On further reflection it may not have been the best idea in the world ever to punctuate various walking up hills with other activities; as most other activities I do will involve alcohol at some point.

As this blog is going to be a summary of the exercise, fitness programme and hill walking undertaken, I figure it would also be a good plan to record the Yang as well as the Yin. I've always wondered why Yin wasn't Ying - its a better balance.

If Yang happened to be in Manchester on Tuesday he would have noted a great band played and a bunch of chaps were mixing drinks and getting quite merry.

People with me

David E— 9/10 drinking
Chris B 2 drinks and driving
Hamer the bank— 2 drinks driving

I will try and post pics of all of these people at some point when they are being dragged up a mountain.

Drinks -and I'm not proud of this

White wine home 6/10
Red Wine Davids 8/10
Cider Jabez Clegg 8/10
TVR’s x2 University 8/10
Lager University post gig 8/10
Beer at home 10/10

The Hold Steady - Manchester University Academy 2

Needless to say despite a fair amount of cajoling we were late for the gig. We were actually in the venue a good hour before the gig to see the support bands, which we didn’t ..again… bet at this early stage is that a theme is being established.
I’m not normally into stories and ranting however a bit of Hold Steady background will probably help here

Everyone says Wikepedia is a good thing, I’m not so sure, it just seems like a lazy blokes way of finding out whats going on. There is a huge dull entry on The Hold Steady which I'll spare you. What you really should know is they come from New York (area),have a good album (the first one), a dodgy album (the second one) and a top album. 'Boys and Girls in America'. But more importantly they do great live gigs.

Back to the story, Andy who’s bound to appear later, likes Americana, sometimes known as soft rock and to be frank he has blown most of his credibility in this area over the years*. It’s a bit like your mum liking Smokie you shouldn’t inflict that sort of thing on the grandkids. She did once, and one of my children said 'Nana doesnt like music dad'

Having brilliantly avoided THS at Glastonbury by watching Widget Smith and the Ant farmers I was lulled into watching them at Leeds Festival 2007. Andy had no mates, nevertheless we could easily leave him and go and watch The Klaxons ripping up the land, but no I’m persuaded to stay for 3 songs.

I was wrong I stayed for the whole gig they were great, ...unfortunately we had the opportunity to tell them this when we accidentally bumped into them in the hotel lift.

Even my daughter who can talk ‘like’ really quickly 'like' 154 words per minute most of the time 'like' couldn’t have said ‘you guys were great’ more times than we managed to on a two floor lift journey. We were was their fault and we got to apologise in the morning.

Back to Manchester
They played the tunes, we drank we danced,We sang along to Killer Parties,we got a lift home and they were great.
Overheard at the bar ….'so why do there have to be other bands?’
It was a midweek gig so walking will need to wait till the weekend, straight after another gig which has the potential to be a total train crash.

And a free mp3, its ok as its FOC on the bands website

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