Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Hanoi Rocks meets Lewis Carroll

I bet that combination of words hasn't been used as a section title very many times. The plan this weekend is to see Hanoi Rocks, get a decent sleep and then go for an early morning stroll before Craig heads back up north for the footy.

Talking of dodgy bands - see Andy's list.

I really would struggle to put an argument together to defend Hanoi Rocks as a serious band that have added anything to the musical universe outside of Finland. And I really liked Hanoi Rocks when I was younger.
How can it possibly be right having a 45 year old madeup to the eyeballs bloke singing Creedance Covers and a few 80’s tunes. I've seen a few gigs and I had predicted a train crash of a gig, they were playing the Academy 1 in Manchester which used to be known as the Hop and Grape bar. Either way it’s a fairly small place where sniggering may well get noticed and result with a swift high kick to the chops.

SOLD OUT— it said and everyone walked in shaking their heads not quite believing it. Maybe the Soho Dolls supporting helped the cause, two decent songs in Prince Harry and Stripped but I can’t see them being bigger than The Beatles. Although ...nice pic

Mike* and the band played a top set whilst we got slowly drunk at the back, very slowly thanks to a member of the bar staff, who really would be better employed as either a speed cleaner for huge houses or she should run courses on how never to catch anyones eye in any situation ever. ‘ oi are you looking at me?’ definitely not would be the answer.

With a final couple of sing a longs ‘Don’t you ever leave me baby’ and 'Tragedy' are the only songs I actually remember, it was out into the street and early finish.Well it should have been...but one last beer syndrome cut in. It saved running back for the train.
not for the faint hearted

*(I have this habit of calling popstars by their first was pointed out to me one night that I really wasnt on first name terms with any of them and it sounded a bit pretentious. What he actually said was stop being a tosser or words to that effect)

Home and bed…..well it should have been. Home worked, then Pam joined us for one last drink and suddenly it was 4.30 am. I'm never sure how timeslips happen but they do happen especially in our house which is obviously built on some sort of fault in the void.

Pams Curry— 7/10 I think..

Woke up at 11am to see Craig leaving, Lewis Carroll may have to wait.

Rescheduled for tomorrow Sunday morning 2nd March.

So a nice little wander up to Daresbury on a crisp sunny Sunday morning to see white rabbits and Alices church. Lewis Carroll all round good storywriter turns out to live local. Or rather did in the old days, as the vicar of the local church. Or not so local as it turns out. An hour and a half later via wonky cows, more lost clothes a mothers day oddity and a bunch of rooks, it really is a very pretty church.

In the old days black crow like birds were good things I think. Well Ravens guarded The Tower of London, quite how effective they would have been against the whole Spanish Armada pulling up outside I have my doubts. Cawed them to death? And that’s also a weird thing Cawing is it only rooks that caw or crows or ravens or all of them? Anyway I got a really nice picture of a bunch of none scary rooks.

Yes back to the church. My only problem with site seeing is that I really don’t like it very much, I suspect that like everyone else I like the wow that’s good / big / pretty /old etc. But really I’m more easily distracted by, people, animals, birds, pubs ,food, even trees and views.

Still its one of those things that you think you should do, I remember being in Cornwall as a child, all I wanted to do was surf or be on the beach, all my dad really wanted to do was put a bet on and go to the pub. But no thanks to my mum I have photos at model villages, St Michaels Mount (that got a wow) Lands End, long way for a few more cliffs and many other little coves all looking the same. Still her heart was in the right place, we know because it ticks.

Slight aside but when just going out with Pam, my mum and dad decided to take me to a posh restaurant in Darlington. (ok I know that’s wrong on every angle but it really was). So in this posh French and very quiet restaurant my mum ticked (she has a heart valve) it was hysterical to watch the seriously serious french waiter cock his ear and look for the ticking sound. He even shushed the restaurant all 8 tables of it to listen closely to the radiator. He really was embarassed as my mum offered to let him listen to her chest.

It was a very pretty church, not enough Jabberwoki’s or Alice stuff and a lot of God stuff but very pretty.

On leaving the church I followed the circular route recommended, despite the circle going further away from home. They have a fir tree farm next to the M56 which turns out to be lots of other types of tree but not fir. It started in the early 1990’s and failed by the mid 1990’s. It a really good place to walk though. We also have secret labs and partical accelerators here, the bridgewater canal, a reservoir and another bloody great hill to get up with a few very odd signposts. I was pretty tired by then and things started to get silly - see the signpost pictures

As a rough calculation I’d say 10 miles, maybe a couple of miles less but for the first time it really felt like exercise.

I’m never walking again…..oh until tomorrow

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Andy said...

Regarding the dodgy bands list: Don't forget that YOU requested, and I provided, a Bon Jovi CD (or was it a was a long time ago). And that you enjoyed driving along to it so much that you got caught and done for speeding.

As for Genesis...