Friday, 21 November 2008

Two Poached Paracetamol

It's a view children!

I'm all for early Christmas' but starting a party on Friday 14th November and expecting it to last through till 2nd January is a bit hopeful. My diary is already looking like a fight between two inky spiders and my liver is pleading for mercy. I've now modified 'big picture' to allow for the seasonal excess, and its going to be Resolve and two poached paracetamols for breakfast each day, followed by fruit for lunch then whatever takeaway is open after closing time for tea....brilliant. Beer for Carbs and Cider for extra evening fruit.

Play this in the background its good and mad

Fridays' 4am after picking Pam up from the local pub, rolled nicely into Saturdays early kick off in town for the Ed Byrne show. Unfortunately the serious drinkers turned up for this one, another doctor friend Keith and as his lovely wife Emma doesnt drink, he sees it as a duty to drink for two. I've always had a terrible recollection for the night before when I go out drinking anything beyond 4 pints and its scattergun memories for me, it wasn't so bad as a student as I used to bring various stolen memory joggers home with me for the morning. The whole set of flashing light roadworks was a mistake though....not good in the dark first thing in the morning with a hangover. This is now heading off down a bad road......just remembered the worst thing I'd forgotten about the next day....not for the fainthearted.

Big Thursday night out in Leeds, feeling dreadful and needing to be at work at 8.30am so I could leave early and meet Pam at Leeds bus-station to party all over again. All going well till I got back to the house and Pam went to make a coffee, I'd forgotten that I'd thrown up in the kitchen sink on top of 4 days worth of pots. Bad 15 minutes of my life followed and I promise I'm still really sorry.

Picture of Jill from the band

Back to Ed Byrne, well through the cider, JD and coke , Red Wine haze I have him down as a thoroughly decent chap. Not sidesplitting humour, but a jolly good way to spend an evening chortling with your pals. Not one joke remembered sorry and then back to ours for more consumption.

8am and a trip to Malham Cove was always going to be optimistic, bit like the chap who has appointed the Maradonna waxworks bloke to manage the National team. Everyone in the world can see this is ending in tears. And thus 'walking with hangovers' (just as dangerous as dancing with wolves) we headed up a couple of localish hills. Jess made it out of bed in time and with amazing enthusiasm in her new boots we headed up Helsby Hill. Rich and Merri's child person Megan wasnt coping too well with the whole walking concept, saying that, she is only 10 and making her walk up hills in mums concrete platformed wellies did seem extreme. Its all character building I guess. One swop of shoes later and its happy happy walking again.

Now Richs' head is missing from the above picture but it was exchanged for the horses head in the below picture so thats ok.

The reason Jess is doing this walking is not a gesture of support to her father or even just a wish to spend time with me.....its far more calculating and self interested ('thats my girl'). She's started the Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme (bit like green shield stamps - without the messy books) so she can go on holidays abroad with her mates. No argument against that. She did at one point on the walk enquire as to whether there is in fact a 'Duchess of Edinburgh' scheme more aimed at girls stuff, like and I quote (no sexism here) 'shopping, dancing, concerts, eating and drama'. That would be an expensive scheme to run.

Anyway we made it up Woodsides Hill and Helsby Hill and back in little over 2 and a Half hours for a 4 mile stroll. Kids really don't get views, 'look at that' (this was the whole of the mersey basin in in glorious sunshine over to the sea and Wales) response? ' look at what?'. Best to shake head and walk on or say 'meh' they get that.

And so on to far more important things, the whole Genesis thing stops here. No more Sweden skits no making sandwiches and defo (Andy) no more pretending to be other people it freaks me.
Just good wholehearted 'what a lovely' walk comments. And a bit of music stuff too.

This weeks top competition is Fattest Footy players with links to pics if you can manage it. The winner will be based on most obscure but now remembered fatman, with extras for dodgy hair and silly photo and usual bias.

Some lovely pics


Anonymous said...

I'm going first

Alan Foggon,,1~2976579,00.jpg

AKA 'Fatty Foggon'

Anonymous said...

So who's the other Boro fan? I'll go for Bobby Murdoch since Foggon has been taken. When he played in a testimonial a couple of years after retiring his shirt didnt cover his gut.

Still the best passer on the pitch though.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Genesisfest?

Mark Viduka (and I'm just big boned, before you start)

Anonymous said...

Tomas Brolin. A great player for Sweden, but once he got on your chips and pies and guiness he was never the same (though he also had some bad injuries).

Greetings from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Sammy Lee! Back of the net! Top that Swedey person.

Anonymous said...

Neil Ruddock
Neville Southall
Micky Quinn

"Bjorn" or maybe "Sven"

PaulB said...

Branco, arrives at the Boro with a world cup winners medal and a reputation as the best overlapping defender in the world. Within days his powerful running legs turned into fat thighs powered only by Parmos and 80 Shilling. His turning circle was barely less than the Arc Royal and he would have been better employed as a speed bump.

no contest

any dubious facts in the above post should be ignored