Wednesday, 12 November 2008

More Big Picture Stuff

Edale in the Sunshiiiiine

Love this pic

Having survived the tumble on Saturday, I decided that what I needed was someone with a bit of experience to walk with. I also think that two consecutive days is certainly better preparation than the usual go out, drink heavily, party and collapse onto the hillside. Fun as that always is, it's not getting you up a 5km high mountain.

And so on to what must be Plan C, I went on a couple of walking websites and arranged to meet a chap who had posted he was walking in Edale. Not too far to drive, good reports from Andy and an ideal opportunity to learn some stuff and further check out the new kit. TBH the kit was a bit wiffy from the day before, but hey it was forecasting reasonably high winds so I'd be ok. The one downside was the 8am meeting, which meant out of bed for 6.20am!! on a Sunday...after a Saturday night out.

The Saturday night out turned out well too, as I discovered that Miles (top chap) was also up for walking, and I've got him down as fairly reliable if a bit busy. And no he's not a binman either.

Rant Warning

Talking of busy, what the heck do people behind the counter in a chemists find to do? Thankfully I haven't had to go to collect prescriptions too often, but FGS why oh why oh why do they take so long. They just don't have a system. All I wanted was some eardrops, (an attempt to cure the deafness probably brought on by Mogwai last year) and they were in a bottle already and I could see the bottle.

'it'll be about 15 minutes, is that ok?' What the Flip were they going to do to take 15 minutes? Start at the opposite wall and play slow racing across the floor, or maybe they were planning a stalk of the bottle and wanted to camalflage up first. Maybe it could only be lifted from the shelf by an Archimedes designed pulley system.

Domino's can manage 3 Pizza's, some chicken stuff, garlic bread and free chips to our house from the village in 15 minutes. Perhaps they should just swop staff and systems. Maybe speeding round the chemist shop on nifty 50's would be good fun anyway.

Back to Edale and it's 8am and Jonno arrives in the carpark ..bang on time and looking very much the part, with loads of kit oh and almost mountain goat in shape. Within half an hour I'd discovered that 18 months ago he was 16 stone (about 5ft 10") and he now had to be somewhere just over 12st and looking like Pan. yup Craig reread that bit , its quite mad. Well when someone says something like this you ask a few questions and the magic answers are........

'I walked up mountains a lot and ate a bit less'. 

Same stuff just less of it, thats just 3/4 Domino's from now on Craig. 

We went from Edale (£5 for parking!!!), and up the river valley to the top of Kinder Scout. Setting off in sunshine and reaching the top in a total snowstorm. The climb up was sooooooo much fun, we climbed up the stream, and up and over waterfalls and boulders and bigger bits. 

The fun of it took your mind off the climbing aspect and about an hour later we popped out of the top of the valley onto the plateau not even short of breath. Jonno really did know this area and despite having loads of clothing kit and a brilliant filter bottle so you don't need to carry water (you just fill it up as you go), his maps were just about on fag packets. 

I didn't dare say I had a full OS map of 30sq miles around us, the walking world route guides with pics of anywhere we could possibly end up and of course the handy GPS route plotted to within a gnats of its capacity. A happy hour was spent exploring stones and rock faces all over this end of Kinder Scout with not a person to be seen. I think the weather had put most people off. 

From here we took the horseshoe option back across moorland and over a couple of hills to the southside of Edale....thats right around. The bog hopping was bloody tiring and became perversley fun in the end, there were more bogs than moor in some places and natural mazes were formed. I really love mazes and happily covered twice the ground of Jon, just to avoid cheating. talking of which, this isn't right

Click on the pic to see real Levitation

Where do you find a bog walking course that teaches that!? and it would certainly result in banishment from any maze I'd built. Obviously I meant, that Pam had built. Clearly anything involving any sort of building, design, lifting or general manual stuff I would need help with.

Whilst living in Newcastle (and a darn site younger) I managed to take the wrong end off a radiator in our first house and had Kielder reservior pouring into the front room, you should try putting it back on when you don't have a clue where the stopcock is. Even that would have been forgiveable if I hadn't done the same thing about an hour later with the same radiator. Oh how we laughed (again) as I got absolutely soaked (again). Since that day, false roofs, plastering , plumbing , wall building and everything except shelves really have been admirably sorted by Pam. I'm a good builders mate though, I can fetch and carry with the best.

And so we made it over the moors and over and up more hills, Mam Tor again included, the weather just about held up, a bit cool and breezy in parts but not with the new fabric kit.

And the Bigger picture.....walk up more hills (nice one) eat a little bit less  and drink as much as you like. Not all strangers are strange although I may remain a stranger to another 30 mile weekend for a few weeks. I've been knackered since.

And a bit of other stuff,  the Killers new single. I blow hot and cold with the Killers

On the positive side

Mr Brightside - great tune and the best dance along with actions to every word ever, by two girls at Leeds Festival about 3 years ago. It was so good we even joined in.

First gig in the Hop and Grape bar supporting Stellastar! (they have an exclamation in the name)

First half of Hot Fuss

First half of Sams Town

and always had a good time at the live gigs

On the negative side

The Lyrics are crap, no really really crap , 'are we human or are we dancer'? at least thats what I think they say on the new single

I've got soul but I'm not a soldier.....mmmhhh and loads of other ones. Anyway Bill Bailey does a fair pisstake

And the new single sounds like A-Ha if they had come from Scandinavia...oh...really. But they did some really good stuff.

Which in a Stephen Fry very neat way brings me to this weeks competition. Top tunes by bands with no cred or one great song by a rubbish band. 


Anonymous said...

Its a little known fact that chemists deliberately make people wait for their pills just in case the receipient snuffs it before receiving the medication.

Have you any idea how much money that 15 minutes delay could save the NHS by reducing pharmacutical costs?

I understand that in a number of pilot schemes around the country, patients were allowed to just select a random box of tablets off the shelf themselves. Big success, patients get more time to write their blogs, government saves money as more people die after necking ebola vaccinations in an attempt to cure their ingrowing toenails and the chemists can get back to working out their bets without being disturbed.

Anonymous said...

One great song by a rubbish band: "Glastonbury Song"

And how about "How soon is now"

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should be done with all the detail and just go pick n mix.

Mind you, my kids would hit the pills then as they see still think Pick n Mix is just Woolworths offering free snacks to attract customers.

Anonymous said...

Oh and you can sod off with Stiff Little Fingers, songs before you start

PaulB said...

Ok I'll play first then

Robbie Williams - Angels
Basement Jaxx - Where's your Head at?
Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler
Donna Summer - I Feel Love

oh and Minus F**king 10 for the Waterboys gag

Anonymous said...

Voodoo Child- Rogue Traders
I think iv won that one by a mile already!

Anonymous said...

I have a guilty secret. I like that '1973' song by James Blunt. Lucky this is anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Me too Andy

Anonymous said...

Which Andy though? T'wasn't me, sir

I also like High, Wise Man and No Bravery by Captain Blunty. And Let Me Entertain you, Kids and Feel by Robbie Williams, for that matter.

I was very pleased with myself with the Waterboys gag though.

Anonymous said...

Right The Waterboys gag would have been better had you said

She Loves You -The Beatles, I was tempted

and, Feel is defo a girls song, we all know what was great about Kids and LMEY is a Queen cast off, oh and you shouldn't encourage Captain know he'll just need the love soo much more next time.

really need to think this stuff thro Andy

Anonymous said...

Paul, you're wrong, I like those Robbie Williams songs as well

Anonymous said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

And me!

Anonymous said...

An I'm a huuuuuuge fan of James Blunt. What's wrong with him?

Anonymous said...

Genesis are cool! I am liking them very much

PaulB said...

I think I've been cyber-bullied

Anonymous said...

I like Genesis too!

Greetings from Sweden.

PaulB said...

Right you asked for it, next week we are having a full on Genesisfest on here. Andy can I borrow some of your CD's please. And Mr/Mrs Sweden in your eternal darkness, if you could fight your way through the Elk to the woodshed grab yourself some homemade Vodka and the anti suicide pills you'll be in for a treat.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're blogs getting really popular!

Sorry Paul, I can't lend you any Genesis CDs...I haven't actually got any. You'll have to make do with your own vinyl version of "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway"

Anonymous said...

That's 'The Lamb' in Gen Circles

Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be funny? Sweden is a beautiful country and the people here are very happy. Don't believe all you read.

We take the trouble to read your blog and join in and you insult us!!!???

Go back to your binge drinking, teenage pregnancies and rising unemployment.

Ignorant English bastard.

Goodbye from Sweden.

Anonymous said...

Watch it Bjorn or he might piss in your fountain

Anonymous said...

I like Genesis. Especially the early stuff

Anonymous said...

I like Barclay James Harvest.

Hallo from Italy

Anonymous said...

Ignorant English bastard indeed.

Seasons Greetings from Malawi.

Anonymous said...

I want to here more about Genesis. Yes! they lift up my soul.


Anonymous said...

Moni Bambo, muli bwanji? Follow You, Follow Me? Ayi.

PaulB said...

Now I really don't care if you are in Bolvia or halfway up the Amazon, you must have heard that the Phil Collins chap is a bit of a tosser.

I think we should all calm down and think through the consequences of a Genesis revival. It'll be 15 minute drum duets with Chester T, and also the Gabriel bloke will be back too with his Oh so wacky outfits. For the good of your country (whichever one it is) stop now or I'm getting the Marillion Album out too!! be afraid

PaulB said...

And Some More
Fugees - Ready or Not
Lovin Spoonful -Summer in the City

and I know this is going to cause a fuss but
Nena - 99 Red Balloons
Kraftwork - The Model

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nena and Kraftwerk are just desperate attempts to retain your German readership after you alienated most of Sweden.

No Malawi songs I see. Ignorant English Bastard.

Anonymous said...

The Malawi one is actually the same as the cello player..
Are you now african/german or maybe from Kasachstan?

Anonymous said...

shooby dooby dooby.

Greetings from Norway.

Anonymous said...

You are one from the Muppet Show!
The Cook,or? He is very spacy and cannot cook!

Anonymous said...

Does this website looks like a 'guess which flippin muppet am I?'website.

Music, walking or complete tosh only please

Anonymous said...

Moni Bambo, I am the Malawi cook. Missionary and chips. Gadanga.

Anonymous said...

Great! Could you give some recipes
for X-Mas?

Anonymous said...

Please ban the cooks and progressive music enthusiasts. I want to read about English hillside trekking and your interesting friends not Peter Gabriel and what people eat in the evening.

Guiseppe, Rome.

Anonymous said...

I am from Nigeria and a fan of walking in the mountains. I would sincerely wish to attend one of your walking expeditions in your country and would be happy to pay for your services as a guide.

Please can you send me your bank details and I will deposit fifty pounds into your account to pay for your services. I promise not to remove large sums of cash from your account.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Dave Yakubu.

Anonymous said...

Be careful of Dave. I know him.
He asked me to lead a school Nigeria and it turned out he just wanted my passport.
Really pay attention-they are great walkers.

Anonymous said...

Another thing about italians they do not like walking, they sing instead and dream of good italian food al dente

Anonymous said...

Dear Ignorant English Bastard,

More on Genesis and you are forgiven.

Last chance from Sweden (home of Abba and Volvo)

PaulB said...

Time for a synopsis

Andrew Chalamanda – Ndfaninane Nanu is probably the best example of a Malawi one hit wonder. Even though he has a Gospel influence it’s the Shaggy reggae influences that makes this song a winner. (Shaggy is huge in Malawi)

Its probably not the Cello player

Tempting to go for the Christmas Log recipe but as Richard pointed out last week you don’t get that till boxing day

Hi to Sweden and Ulrika and your other slapper girls

Please send me your Western Pacific details for immediate payment

Selling England by the Pound

"The best Gabriel era album in my humble opinion. Look out for Steve Hackett on that album, with this album, he proove the world that he was one of the best guitarist in rock."

My pal Craig may not be fantastic at walking, but he did once cut down a weeping willow tree when masquerading as a landscape gardener. Too many leaves was the excuse I think.

Hello to Italy, shame about the Romans, it was all going so well

And finally to The Swedish Muppet Chef

Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue, Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn børk! børk! børk!"

oh and Kids was a rubbish song

Anonymous said...

Nena is an alcoholic now-Kraftwerk were communistic.
Who the f***is Ulrika?

Anonymous said...

Paul: You obviously know a lot about Genesis.

You seem to have a very international readership. Congratulations.

However, I doubt that James Blunt reads this. I could be wrong, but I somehow doubt it...I suspect he'll be busy shagging supermodels instead (it's a known fact that supermodels for all that earnest, soul-bearing stuff). So it's almost certainly OK to say on here that people like some of his songs. Like I do.


Anonymous said...

But don't forget that he's an Ignorant English Bastard.


Anonymous said...

Have to admit it wasn't clever insulting all of Sweden.


Anonymous said...

And I still say Genesis are great.


Anonymous said...

And Kids is great...particularly the video.


Anonymous said...

What's going on?


Anonymous said...

Hi, James Blunt here.

Thanks very much for the kind words everyone, its nice to know my songs are appreciated.

I read most of Pauls blogs, although I rarely click the links, cant be arsed.

And Clive is right, I do spend most of my time dating supermodels. In fact I'm 'dating' one at this very moment with the laptop balanced somewhat precariously on her back.

She's Swedish too, keeps calling me an Ignorant English Bastard. Must be something they teach them at school.

PaulB said...

Right you asked for this
/?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF.>>virus..coded<< Html
b:include data='blog' name>> Master response L:hit.trojan/<< logon Go

Hasta-La_Vista baby

Anonymous said...

I really don't mind the laptop, its the incessant singing and pleading that gets to me. Yes James you are beautiful too, yes we all love you.

bored already muh


Anonymous said...

I'm just about to make a sandwich. Does anyone want one?

Anonymous said...

Yes please - Wensleydale and Caramalised Onion Chutney on Brown

Anonymous said...

That was not from me. Nobody from Sweden would say "home of Abba and Volvo" - it's another cliche.

I suspect you are trying to be funny?

Anonymous said...

Its good to have you back, Swedey person. Lets celebrate the non cliche things that are great about your country.

Like The Cardigans, Bjorn Borg and that tall bird that was married to Rambo. We love them all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ignorant Engleesh Bastards

You are forgetting my song Ca Plane Pour Moi

Mon Ami

Plastic Bertrand

Anonymous said...

hang on thats not right Tin tin


Anonymous said...

Brigitte Nielsen is Danish...but I suppose that's close enough. Let's just make Scandanavia one big country. The people are sure to be all the same.

Ignorant English Bastard.

Anonymous said...

Is she really? Be honest though, I bet you wish she was Swedish, might make the place a bit more interesting.

You're just a small town in Denmark.

Anonymous said...

James Blunt songs are suicide songs
"My friend my lover"....trallalal
and Kids,jesus, who took cokain here?

Anonymous said...

I love you

Anonymous said...

Sweden, you're just a stop on the Danske Statsbaner.

Anonymous said...

wikipedia's great, isn't it.