Sunday, 26 October 2008

Vampires and a bit of an Issue

Haircut 100 without the tunes!!?

I had the pleasure of bumping into Vampire Weekend on stage at Leeds Festival back in the summer, ok I was in the tent when they came on stage. I'd heard a couple of tracks on Myspace and thro a couple of blog sites so knew they were a bit jingly jangly which IMO is never a bad thing.  The Leeds festival gig was all happy and jolly, the sun shone, we drank beers and danced to embarrass the kids...perfect festival afternoon stuff really. Although I think this lead to lots more drinks a whole bunch of headstands stuff and Richard if you've got some pics I'll happily publish to embarrass

I've given up on popular radio in the main, ever since that Sarah Cox hideous thug marched all over my breakfast for about 4 weeks. That was that for me and with no Peel to save the day all I'm left with are the two Marks and one ex boy lard...hardly popular.

So new stuff tends to come from my pals, reading of blogs, seeing stuff live, Myspace or very oddly via the music press, Well that’s until now.......and thus time for a rant.

 I reckon compared to most people (obviously horizontal Craig excepted) I'm pretty laid back towards most things. Despite having a hideously consequence free lifestyle (but not for my body) over the last 10 years, my blood pressure has always stayed ok, I didn’t have much choice mind.! If you stress when you have psoriasis your head turns cherry red and explodes puss onto passing children’s heads. The conclusion of this is that for me to think stuff is bad enough to rant about then it’s gonna not be good. I had a tag letters match with my local MP last year where I candidly expressed my views on the governments support on Guantanamo bay and she sent me a platitude letter, and another and another and another and then she got evasive and in the end she pretty much said it was a bad thing but she couldn’t publicly oppose it. Hope she can live with herself.

Now I have a new rant, DMCA and Google are wiping out blogs on the basis of copy write. They give no notice and not only wipe out the 'perhaps' offending files but also wipe out the entire original 'bloggers words'. It scared the heck out of me so I've copied and saved everything. Matthew from SongbyToad blog explains it better than I can here. Its maybe best to clickon the podcast and just listen while doing other stuff on the computer. It a good podcast anyway.

Matthew explains the issue with some ranting

Have a’s a great rant but with a really good point. Make your own mind up but whatever you think about the particular point there has to be space for people’s opinions in blog and podcast land

On top of that, Myspace have now taken away the ability for bands like 'The Young Republic' to give away free downloads, which is just bloody stupid as its the main reason I joined in the first place and a fantastic means for getting publicity.....even if you don't like the Dylan covers!

Oh yeah back to Vampire Weekend, my pal Sue had a couple of spare tickets, actually her mate Avril did and I wasn’t doing anything on a wet Tuesday so it seemed like a good plan. Avril really does refer to Ian Brown as Ian and John McClure as either John or 'the rev' but then again she does hang out with them at the bottom of the garden. Really.

I met up early with a different Richard pal ,we had a really top night out, but honestly don't waste your cash going to see VW they are substandard Haircut 100, only wimpier with less songs and a huge gratitude of debt to the African Paul Simon bit. Even the scensters were looking bored and heading for the bar well before the end. If you really want to here some good African music then I'd suggest trying 

The Four Brothers - I have a best of CD which I'm happy to send a copy of to anyone who wants one, just let me know.

or the magnificent

I suspect this link wont get taken down as no one makes cash out of old Bhundu Boys records. I saw both the above bands in Newcastle back in the mid 80's and to this day I don't think I've ever danced so much and I also don't think I've ever impressed Mrs P with a new band as much since.

Craig you could use this whole censorship thing to your advantage......if you fancy a cheap holiday on an island which is defo NOT in the USA and don't mind orange clothing then you should publish all 57 versions of Strawberry Fields that you have, on your Blogsite. Better still start copying the whole Beatles collection CD you 'aquired'and posting it to randoms. 

(if any copywrite lawyer reads this he doesnt have one, but he does have a load of rock hard pals in Kazakhstan; so but out) And you promised me a copy of the non existent disc 3 months ago!

Normal Blog service to resume later...if the gits allow it

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Anonymous said...

Radio 1 is bad, but Galaxy and the like are even worse. I reckon that the songs that they play have some sort of high (or low) frequency sound built into them that is only audible to the over 35s. So it drives us mad, whilst the kids ears cant detect it.

And thats the way it should be. We have to make way for them and stop stealing their music, fashion, language and all the other stuff. Whats wrong with wearing a tank top, smoking a pipe and sitting in the shed?

The myspace download thing is a bit of a bugger, but I expect something clever will come along soon to help us out.

Its 9 months since I promised you the beatles stuff. I cant find the discs but its all on a hard drive. I'll bring it over sometime.