Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Fairfield in the snow

This was probably the best last minute call we've made all year. The BBC weather horoscope had turned from 100% sunshine to 100% fog which clearly means possible inversion in my mind. With the roads being at best dicey we opted for Ambleside rather than any local roads. As we approached Windermere, we could see a vale of fog below and a bright pink sky above, even I was happy to be out of bed so early. We pulled into the first parking space possible to take some pictures.

With ducks

and without ducks

Same spot but looking at the cold side

My car is bloody useless in the snow and after last years experience I've taken the continental approach by having winter and summer tyres, and thank goodness I did, we only just made it off the icy car park and round to the main car park. I'd arranged to meet local pals Dolly and mini Dolly at 8.30am in the main car park and with half an hour faffing time (my issue) we left promptly at 9am. Great news too,the parking meters were out of order, it was always going to be a great day £7 saved. From here we took the higher path from the church to Sweden Bridge.

and here it is

It was about minus 6C and the cold had got to Mini's fingers, still an 'encouraging' word from mum sorted that and we were soon climbing towards the ridge.

From here the snow quickly deepened and despite mum saying 'oh its ok', events were proving otherwise. I love Jordan's disparaging look in this picture.

We stuck together for another half hour but if you are 5ft nothing it has to be difficult in deep snow. Glyno still soldiered on though ;D . Meanwhile Dolly set a new goal of Dove crag for mum and daughter. The views all the way up there were gorgeous.

and another - with sunspots

and another

That's Coniston Water under a layer of cloud too

And one from Glyn

It was pretty tough going all the way to the 873m peak, but every step was a pleasure. Once at the summit we just wanted to stay and take photo after photo.

Like the new hat? oh yeah that's Helvellyn in a cloud hat too

And Glyn with a cloud speech bubble next to his head (feel free to insert comment) 'I don't do Brucies'

It was busy and colourful up there

Despite a lack of wind it was still pretty cool on the fingers, so we decided to head lower to eat, passing skiers, snowboarders and runners on the way. All afternoon the views and the clarity of light were (and this ones for Dibs) 'awesome'.

nice valley

Ambleside and a clearing Windermere

We eventually made it off the hills at about 3pm just as golden light started hitting the hillside, it must have been a spectacular sunset. An obligatory wrong turn into Rydal Hall rather than the park path and we were back and in the pub bang on 3.43pm. As Glyno said, 'this is why I never moan about bad weather days'.

And for those missing the countryside

Form a queue ladies

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